Wine Courses

Discover essential trade secrets with international Sommelier, Samuel Quartier.

- Learn how to taste wine like a sommelier
- Order wine in a restaurant with confidence
- Pair the perfect wine with every meal
- Learn about wine in a fun and relaxed atmosphere

Learn how to taste and evaluate wine or explore the nuances of world wine regions in my Essentials or Wisdom course:

1. Wine Essentials: an introductory five-week course
2. Wine Wisdom: an advanced twelve-week course (six classes on Old World wines and six on New World wines)

Classes are held in the heart of downtown Toronto, at East Thirty-Six Restaurant (Wellington & Church). With an intimate class size of 12, everyone has the opportunity to participate and ask questions. Classes include at least six wines and some shared plates.


Seating is limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis.

INTRODUCTORY Wine Essentials

Week 1 – History, winemaking, how to taste like a sommelier 
-Introduction to the world of wine, service, and tasting techniques

Week 2 – Wine styles and sensory development 
-Explore the many different styles of wine and learn to identify the individual components found in wine

Week 3 – Sparkling, rosé & fortified
-Learn more about sparkling, rosé, and fortified wines and taste through a flight of classic examples of these wines

Week 4 – Whites of the world
-Learn about the world's main white wine varietals and taste through a unique and interesting flight

Week 5 – Reds of the world
-Learn about the world's main red wine varietals and taste through a unique and interesting flight

$375+hst, single classes are also available for $85+hst

ADVANCED Wine Wisdom

Old World

Week 1 – France Part 1

Week 2 – France Part 2

Week 3 – Italy Part 1

Week 4 – Italy Part 2

Week 5 – Spain and Portugal

Week 6 – The rest of Europe

New World

Week 7 – Canada

Week 8 – California

Week 9 – Oregon/Washington/New York State

Week 10 – Chile and Argentina

Week 11 – Australia

Week 12 – New Zealand/South Africa

 $495+hst for six weeks (single classes will be available for $95+hst upon availability)


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